Finished art for the 2 Wolfman pieces


I had gotten a commission to create a pen & ink piece featuring the Wolfman from the old Universal films. All the client requested was that the werewolf should be holding his wolf’s head walking cane. Other than that I had full reign with how the scene would be laid out.

Wolfman Thumbnails

To do that I created just over 10 thumbnails sketches. The last two had captured the feel of what I thought I wanted. Although the client ordered only one image I decided to do both since I really liked the layouts. The two layouts that were chosen to be worked on are the two bigger images below. I tend to do the thumbnails with a ball point pen. Images that I feel may have some potential I continue to build up further with Sharpies and maybe some ink if needed. For “erasing” any errant pen lines I use the Bic Wite Outs. They are very handy in making fixes quite easy and fast.


The Final Pencil Art

After getting approval on the initial layouts I drew them out to a finished level with dark shapes indicated. Typically I use a 3B lead in a drop lead pencil. It can be problematic due to my heavy hand but somehow I find a way to make it work. I also erase the smudges as I go with my kneaded eraser. Having it in my arsenal is a must.

Final pencils for the 2 pieces

Beginning Inks On The Wolfman

Then it was time to start applying ink. The pictures will pretty much show how the inking process took place on both images which will minimize any commentary on my part.

Beginning to ink

Inking II

Getting Into the Details

Here and there I start to do more detailed work with the Wolfman’s form. That get started on after I was comfortable with what had been put down outside of the figure. With the foreground image much more embellished the handling of the background is now easier to figure out. Some of this was already figured out in the finished thumbnails that I had made.

Inking III

The illustration on the right is pretty much done. I decided it would be more visually appealing without any ink wash applied to the sky itself. The image on the left though would require much more thought in how the background would play out.

Inking IV

Adding Some Airbrush

After I finally got the background into place I wanted to have some kind of atmospheric effect going on with the fiery torches and smoke in the background. Some airbrushing with white paint took care of that with a couple of shots here and there.

Before and after shots of airbrush applications

Once it was all finished and put to bed the client chose the image with Wolfy being chased by the torch and pickforks crowd. I retained the howling at the moon scene and continue to find a nice home to adopt him. Until next time.