Jeff Slemons - Commercial

Illustration is a visual puzzle solving and each assignment is a brand new challenge.


Jeff Slemons - Fantasy

At first I wanted to dig up dinosaurs.
Then I decided drawing them trying to eat people was more fun.


Jeff Slemons - Humorous

"The Usual Gang of Idiots" were my teachers and I was their attentive student.


Jeff Slemons - Cartoon

I want to make people laugh and see the humor in our world and what life dishes out.

Comic Books

Jeff Slemons - Commic Book

I really love comic books.
I really, REALLY love creating them.


Jeff Slemons - Editorial

"Can you draw a guy trying to decide what to do about his erectile dysfunction?"
"Sure! That's why I got into this business."


Jeff Slemons - Map

I create maps you'll want to get lost in.